About Me

Greetings, Hello and thank you for taking the time to read about my product and how it came to be. My name is Brian Sabory. I am a 23 year old barber in Ventura County, California. My passion for cutting hair came to me while I was in high school, studying for Criminal Justice. In fact, I had my heart set on transferring to USC to major in Criminal Justice. While in high school, I would frequently get my haircut by my barber in his garage. I was always interested in how he cut hair, the tools he used, the style of cuts he did, and the way the tools worked as they would cut. With such interest and eagerness to learn more, I decided to purchase my first pair of clippers. While they weren’t professional, or the best, I started cutting hair for friends and family in my garage or at their houses. At that moment, i had no idea what i was doing, let alone know how bad the haircuts really were. But that never stopped me, and I kept going. While trying to maintain a basketball career in high school, I decided to push myself a little harder and graduate early so that i could then join the Barber Academy, and that was then, the start of my Career. After hours of professional training at the Lu Ross Academy Barber School, I finally became a licensed barber at the age of 18 and have been working around the clock since. Over the years, barbering has become my passion and something I have dedicated my life to. As I've gotten older, I've decided that, while barbering is my passion, I am eager to still learn and grow more as a Barber. On December 10, 2019 a vision came to my mind of creating a never seen before straight razor ~ The Sabory Straight Razor ~ Straight razors is a common tool used amongst, almost all, barbers. It is a product that allows precise shaves, giving the most perfect opportunity to cut a straight line, and even cuts the most stubborn, small hairs, as we know “baby hairs”. The straight razor is a tool that was designed by our ancestors, decades ago to allow men to shave their beards. While straight razors haven't changed much in style over the centuries, they have increased in precision and quality. The Sabory Straight Razor is a never before seen, newly designed razor that would not only save time, but allow barbers and stylists to shave with more precision and efficiency. It would allow the user to minimize the risk of cutting themselves, while changing out the blade. With the Sabory Razor, the single blade lays flat in a bed that allows for secure cutting.

I’M REALLY excited for what’s to come to the barbering community.